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Ben loves to talk to aspiring writers and frequently visits schools, conferences, and business events as a keynote speaker or panelist. If you are interested in having him attend at event, you can connect with him through his contact page.  His books on writing, co-written with renowned inspiration author, Honorée Corder, are listed below. His non-fiction books are written under the name B. Hale.

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Write Like a Boss

Here’s how you go from writing as a hobby to a full-time author career.

It’s a new era for writers—one in which the gatekeepers are gone, and anyone with the passion and the talent can write and publish their story for the world to discover.

But becoming a full-time author takes more than talent. It takes approaching the work as a discipline and as a business.

Write Like a Boss: From a Whisper to a Roar! is the guide you’ve been searching for to answer your questions and put you on the path to writing and publishing full time.

Learn how to take your passion and talent and channel them into a business that can inspire readers worldwide! 

In Write Like a Boss, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from hobby to business.

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Publish Like a Boss


Now You’ve Got Every Tool You Need to Publish Like a Boss

The Internet’s full of publishing advice. Sadly, it’s also a tangled web of info that can hurt sales and sometimes get you black listed. How do you find solid publishing advice that actually works?

In Publish Like a Boss, Honorée Corder and Ben Hale combine their decades of publishing experience to present a streamlined (and super simple) blueprint to help propel your book from the bottom of the charts to a profit center. 

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • Five significant mistakes most new authors make… and how to avoid them 
  • Why “How does someone become an Amazon Bestseller” is a dangerous question
  • How to price fiction as well as nonfiction. (Plus the underlying strategies for each.)
  • A jumpstart course on where to find keywords, how to use ‘em, and why they’re important
  • Audio Book options. Publish Like a Boss detangles this process, offers pros and cons, helping shepherd your ultimate decision
  • How to build (and maintain) a happy Advance Review Team (along with a complete step-by-step guide on what to send them as well as when to send it)
  • The optimal time to release your book. (Hint: Avoid certain months.)
  • How Honorée sold nearly a million copies of her books through “alternative” markets.

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