27 Dates


     A year ago Kate’s life was perfect. Her classes were going well, her fiery roommates kept life interesting, and her dreamy boyfriend was studying to be a doctor. Her future looked bright until Jason proposed . . . and she said no. Unable to explain—even to herself—Kate thought she’d lost her true love.

     On the anniversary of her breakup Kate is forced into a blind date with Reed, who is handsome and charming, and known for legendary dates. A night of magic and sparks will help her discover the truth of her regret, and the courage that lies hidden. As her attraction for Reed mounts his haunting secret will keep them apart, making her realize that to capture his heart, she’ll have to beat him at his own game.

     Let the challenge begin . . .

The challenge begins October 14th, 2018.

The Dating Challenge Final.jpg


The professional dater with a haunting past

He's about to meet his match

The Dating Secret Final 1.jpg


The challenger burdened by regret

Her courage is about to rise


Let the games begin...